Monday, April 7, 2014

Google NIK and some reworked images from Haliburton Forest

My recent purchase of the Google NIK Suite of photo tools has helped me to take some of my older images, and rework them into fine art pieces.  I have been posting the results recently on Facebook, one of my recent images of Cedar and Puppy was shared many many times, and received over 150 likes in a short few days.  The NIK suite is a collection of powerful tools which help to create powerful images, render nene possibilities, and create different perspectives of old images.  Here is an image captured in 2011 at the Wolf Centre of Haida.  Haida was unfortunately released on New Year's eve of 2011/2012 when the enclosure was compromised criminally, and wolves were allowed to escape.  I will forever remember Haida - he was one of my favourite wolves at the centre.

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