Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Algonquin Moose

On Monday September 27th 2010 I trekked up to Algonquin park, coming from Haliburton Forest & Wildlife Reserve where I was staying that weekend. My intention - to shoot Oxtongue Rapids for sunrise, and then venture over to the Opeongo road to see Moose. Well... Moose is exactly what I would see that day, and lots of them!

As the morning proceeded at Opeongo road, I did the usual drive slow up the road and scan left and right looking for any sign of wildlife - like many do every day. Once I reached the lake, it was time to turn around, and then come back the meadow where the new bridge has been built. This would turn out to be the spot of gold. We tracked a bull which appeared to come out suddenly from nowhere. He came to the point in the meadow, and then back towards us to the bridge, then crossing right over the road, and up into the hill where the hydro line was. Obviously he knew this path well, as he had no problem forging his way between a group of photographers and nature watchers that has massed. We would follow this guy for the next couple of hours, as he made another appearance not 20 minutes later into the second meadow. My favourite shot of the day was from his second pose, where he stopped to take a drink of water in the river. The river was nice and calm, and I got the perfect reflection shot - a great nature story ineed! Thank you to the Moose of Algonquin.