Sunday, December 27, 2009

Finding a mill can sometimes be a happy accident!

Sunday December 27th 2009: Today I went for a drive east of the GTA to explore some mills with a friend of mine. Our objective was to first head to Tyrone Mill, where we spent some time working on some HDR captures. I love visitng Tyrone Mill, as it was the first mill I ever visited as part of my mill project. I find myself returning to Tyrone over and over again, as I fell in love with that mill from the very start.

We were heading across sideroad 4 after leaving Tyrone travelling east. After sometime of travelling we passed a sign which made me do a double take. I wasn't sure what I had just seen, but I knew I had to turn around to find out what it said. Now here is the happy accident. The sign read "Fudges Mill, Hallelujah Books Gifts & Crafts". After a short drive down the road titled "Grist Mill Road", we came upon a bonified water powered grist mill! This mill would have only milled grain turned into grain for animals. From my observations, it looks like this mill provided a service to local farmers in grinding and refining grain. The mill still has most of its artifacts intact, making it an awesome visit. The mill is however quite cluttered with a lot of articles of belonging to its previous owners. For example, in the main part of the mill there is a 12' long church pew which was obviously part of the religous articles business that may have previously occupied the mill. I am going to be trying to do some research on the history of the mill, and I will report back as I find out some information. For now, here is a picture of the mill. There are more images to be seen in my flickr gallery.