Thursday, July 15, 2010

July Update

Now that summer is here, and in full swing, I have been spending much more time up north in the Haliburton area. I am developing a series of images from the Haliburton Forest, which I have been shooting for several years. With the 200-400VR in my line-up now, I am also hoping to spend time tracking and shooting wildlife in the forest. August is the perfect month for that, as the mosquitto's retreat, and cooler nights pervail. I am hoping to get a decent Moose image this year -- or at least that is my goal.

Some other project's that I continue to work on include the MILLWORKS project, and I am looking for an exhibition space and/or sponsorship to mount a much larger display of the Millworks images. If you would like to contribute or know someone that I should speak to, please contact me directly. I would love to talk with you. I am also going to be relaunching my self-published Millworks book upcoming in the fall of 2010. Look for more info on that.

As always - you can see some of the latest things I have been shooting at